These are all people, companies, websites, programmes, and services, that assisted macouno in bringing this project to you.

Thank you all ever so much for helping, for making your software free, for donating your time, for creating your services and for being your awesome inspiring selves!

IndieGoGo, Here the first generation was crowdfunded.
Blender 3D, the free software in which all entoforms are grown,and all images, and animations are rendered
Python, the free programming language/interpreter in which all the tools for growing Entoforms are written/executed
Shapeways, the company that prints all the entoforms in 3D thenextpixel, the company of Ali boubred who made the crowdfunding video presentation, the place to share your Blender 3D files. Hosts all .blend files of the Entoforms
Notepad++, a neat simple free notepad for windows in which all the programming is done
The gimp, free image editing software, a website where you can download a lot of free music
Kuler, a colour palette creation and sharing system
3DNP, a free system by Thorsten Schlüter to enable basic web based turntables (a modified version was used here)


These are composers of the audio tracks used for the video sequences

Jet Peks
Gebild, The music of Andy Goralczyk
Professor Kliq
Oh Spaceman